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Yossi Shapira

Teva pharmaceuticals

Expert in lyophilized processes developing, in large variety of lyophilization equipment, tech transfer, lyophilizers specifying and testing (FAT SAT), training, processes scaling up, processes optimization, problem-solving. A major part of the experience was gained during the last 39 years while working for Teva Pharmaceutical Industries: sterile injectable products as bulk APIs. Aqueous solution-based products as organic solvents dissolved, laboratory scaled lyophilization equipment, as the largest in the world 175m2 shelf area.

  • 2002 ISLFD conference chairperson
  • 2003 ISLFD guest speaker in ISLFD conference
  • 2017 PDA lyophilization chapter speaker
  • 2019 lyotalk Amsterdam conference speaker
  • 2019 ISLFD Ghent Belgium conference speaker
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Mostafa Nakach

Head of Pharmaceutical Engineer, Sanofi Aventis

Mostafa Nakach is Pharmaceutical engineer, he is working with Sanofi since 24 years, his current position as head of pharmaceutical engineering section within pharmaceutical sciences department, his mission is to development and adaptation to pharmaceutical regulation of new manufacturing processes (nanotechnologies, amorphization etc...), Design and setup/ qualification/validation of equipment and pilots aimed at manufacturing nanotechnology. based product, identification of critical steps and relevant monitoring to manufacture a product exhibiting the expected quality attributes (quality by design), Modelling (scale down) and scale-up rules, Anticipation of future technological needs.

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Georg Frinke


Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Georg worked as plant & process engineer for the manufacturers Bayer Pharma and Cilag/Janssen. He also worked as R&D and design engineer for the suppliers Optima (Klee) and GEA Lyophil / Steris. He comes with a professional experience in this field since 2001 in pharmaceutical lyophilization and specialization in the technological equipment and operation of lyophilizers. The self-owned business (started in may 2019) is focussing on cycle development, technological improvements of Freeze Dryers in operation, support during qualification & validation phases and issue management during routine-operation. Georg holds an engineering diploma from the technical university of cologne.

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